What do you get with the
Lifestyle Design Manifesto?

The Lifestyle Design Manifesto is a 30-day training program
created to give you a winner’s mindset and mentality.

Does this sound like you?

You constantly see others online creating the lifestyle that you can only dream of.

You constantly trying to think of ways that you can do this for yourself
but are left feeling mentally exhausted and unhappy.

You are constantly trying to break through the barriers -being very hard on yourself in the process-
but can’t seem to break free, as if something is holding you down.

Sometimes even talented, hardworking people believe that nothing will ever go their way.

Do you ever stop, filled with frustration, and wonder
why things are not working out exactly the way you want?

This has to do with the scarcity mindset.
Things like our mindset, our health, our routines, our systems & structures, and our social circle
all come in to play when trying to achieve success in life.

If you want a better life, then the best thing to do is to make small, incremental changes on a daily basis.

With that in mind, I’m constantly pushing myself to develop and improve every single month.

I want you to invest in yourself for the next 30-days
because the principles in this training course have changed my life.

All the principles I learned from books, courses, seminars, coaching and/or mentors have brought me
from working as a gym instructor,  cleaning bins for minimum wage
to building an online six-figure business that allows me to earn money while I travel the world.

The most important principles have been summarized into bite-sized chunks of knowledge
that will be brought to you every day for 30 days.

These chunks will be in audio form,
allowing you to listen to the lessons on the way to work/school or in your spare time.


What do you get with the Lifestyle Design Manifesto?

30 Audio Lessons
That will allow you to create an unstoppable mindset.
(€297 value)

30-day Action Planner
That will allow you to actively work on your goals
(€97 value)

Exclusive Facebook Community
So you can connect with like-minded others.
(€197 value)

Exclusive invites
To any live events and/or future workshops and lessons.
(€57 value)

Book recommendations
So you know exactly which books to read (or not to read) to reach success.
(€97 value)

Total Value €745
Discounted Price €60

My goal is to positively impact the world,
and I know that by practically giving away the Lifestyle Design Manifesto,
I will reach a large audience of people wanting more out of life.

A word of warning, however.
The Lifestyle Design Manifesto is no get-rich-quick scheme.
If you’re looking for an easy way out, this might not be the product for you.

If you’re seeking actionable advice and knowledge
on how to improve productivity and mindset for the better,
then this is going to change your life in unimaginable ways.

You won’t earn six figures overnight when just starting out,
just like you won’t gain 10kg of muscle after just one workout.
You need to make a habit out of improving every single day.

This is exactly what I am doing with the Lifestyle Design Manifesto.

After 30 days you will have successfully created the habit
of investing in yourself and your mindset.

After the Lifestyle Design Manifesto,
you’ll have enough knowledge to go on to achieve great things.

Stop procrastinating and take action.

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself.

Joshua George


Now you have two choices…

#1 – Don’t invest in the course and don’t invest in yourself.
Stay as you are now and don’t attempt to make a change
to improve your position in life.
Maybe you’ll learn how to do this yourself but maybe you won’t.
If you do, you’ll be in the trenches, trying to slowly learn how to do it.
You’ll have to deal with the massive cash loss and build
your business without support or a step-by-step guide.

#2 – Join the course, receive the support and access to all of the audio
lessons for you to learn from.
Have a community of people that can help
you with any issues or general questions.

The real question is…

What’s stopping you?

The opportunity is here.

All you need to do is take it and COMMIT to creating an unstoppable mindset. 

See you on the inside.

Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto
Lifestyle Design Manifesto